How much do you want to pay off for your home loan

Are you looking for a mortgage loan? Then you would do well to compare proposals from different lenders. An independent credit broker does this for you by the way. Do not just respond to the first proposal, but ask yourself in advance how much and how long you want to pay off. An editorial over at


Don’t just look at the interest rate

interest rate

The rate of a mortgage loan is often narrowed to the interest rate. That’s wrong! The interest rate is only one component of the total cost of your credit. All costs are combined in the Annual Cost Percentage (APR) . On the basis of that APR you can compare credit proposals with each other. Just looking at the interest rate can be very misleading. Quite a few banks try to respond to this and turn out with flashy commercials about cheap interest rates. In this way they try to attract new customers quickly. But as an existing customer, it doesn’t help you. Moreover, there is a chance that you, as a new customer, have an attractive interest rate, but you also have to pay a lot of costs that you have not thought of.


Think deeply

mortgage payment

It is important to ask yourself how much you would like to pay for a house and how much you would like to borrow. The next question you have to ask yourself is: “how much do I want to pay monthly”. A home loan often runs over 20 years or more. Taking out such a loan may therefore not be a light-hearted decision. You will have to pay off your home loan for many years to come. It is crucial that you continue to feel good about it. Be sure not to be overwhelmed by the sales talks of bankers or real estate agents. Do not stare blindly at an interest rate. Prove yourself a service and think carefully in advance about how much you want to pay. Take into account questions such as: – Are you renting today? How much is the rent? – Are you willing to adjust your lifestyle because you have to repay a loan? – In addition to the payment of your credit, how much budget do you need to live comfortably? It is important to know how a lender views your home loan. More info can be found in this article.


Let us help you

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You notice it. There is a lot involved. Therefore, let yourself be assisted by a specialist if you want to buy a house and you are looking for a mortgage loan. Auxirina is such a specialist. You will find a Sir Fritz Plutty office in your area . Make an appointment in advance.

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