Nowadays with the promotions that are online and the discounts that banks make with credit cards, it is very simple to tempt and want to get one for own purchases. But we must have certain precautions because handling a credit card can be a double-edged sword!

From Rose we advise you to take into account the following tips before using your credit card :


1. Avoid using the public internet network to make payments

1. Avoid using the public internet network to make payments

Connecting to the Internet through a public Wi-Fi network is increasingly common; from the street to the network in the subway or in hotels, hospitals, shopping centers, airports, etc. But, as many of us already know and suffer, many times the connection is not very good and is constantly interrupted. Others, we have no account of the risks we run and ignore the protection measures that would allow us to navigate much more safely. It is for these problems that we recommend that you do not carry out bank transactions, purchases with credit cards or other delicate movements when you are connected to a public Wi-Fi, however safe it may seem.

So if you have to pay any reservation or recreational activity, or want to make an online purchase, you better use your phone with data or wait to be in a private network, so you avoid having your information intercepted by people through a public network .


2. Keep track of your purchases or expenses

2. Keep track of your purchases or expenses

In addition to having control over your expenses, you should monitor your balance to be aware if there is any irregularity in it. Keeping track of our accounts and what they owe us is essential to avoid fraud .

A practical way to track your expenses is through access to online banking or mobile banking, and you also collaborate with the ecology by not printing the summaries.

Keeping track of purchases and fees will help you detect possible anomalies regarding the use of your credit card , in this sense, online banking can be a good ally to monitor your movements.


3. Notify your bank of any irregularities in your account

irregularities in your account

If you see that there are unrecognized charges or you receive a more bulky account summary than is due, call your bank immediately to notify that you do not recognize the charges and block them.

In the same way you have to act against a theft or loss of your credit or debit card.


4. Buy from trusted websites:

Buy from trusted websites

When making a purchase or an online reservation, check that you are on a serious website or have recommendations from other users before leaving your credit card information, so you can avoid fraud.

  • Check that the address of the page begins with “ https: // ” and a padlock appears in the search bar of the page, this symbol is a sign that your information will be protected when making the purchase.
  • If the website does not give you confidence or you see that it has no recommendations from other users, it may be convenient for you to offer another form of payment.


5. Don’t give card numbers

atm scam

Under no point of view share all your credit card information with strangers, to make an online purchase you need the card number, expiration date and security code. Do not share this data.


6. Do not use ATMs on public roads

atm scam

In our country it is not very common to see ATMs in the middle of a plaza or on the street, but it is a classic in the United States to see that people withdraw money from an ATM at, for example, a service station. If this happens in your city, we recommend that you avoid that ATM. In addition to being insecure due to the flow of people, sometimes these ATMs have devices that are not visible to steal information from your card. If you need to use one, it is preferable to go to your bank or shopping centers.

If you want to avoid all these inconveniences but you need to finance a particular purchase, you may want to ask for a Rose advance instead of a credit card. Especially if it is a one-time operation where you apply for your loan online and, if you meet all the requirements, the money is deposited into your account. Then you will be debited the corresponding fees of the same CBU. This way you don’t have to be aware of whether your card was duplicated or if you were charged something more.

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